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Image & Printing since 2000

2000, Establishment of Company

2001, PCI Motion control board dev.

2002, PCI Vision board  dev. And sale

2003, Vision Aligner

2004, PCB/FPD pattern inspectionS/W      

2005, Smart vision contoller sale, UVWT 4A Stage opertion S/W

2006, Industrial digital camera

2007, FPD Flying COG, FOG Bonder Align system

2008, COF AVI Inspection M/C sale

2009, SMT screen printer S/W

2010, Industrial inkjet printer dev.

2011, TSP flexible touch screen & pattern inpection,TSP용 bezel and pattern Inkjet printer         

2012, TSP Color bezel Turn-key line dev.

2013, Flexible touch screen Inkjet printer, Inkjet  Marking M/C

2014, Copper paste  & silver ring ink Dev. start

2016, Amoled oncell flexible touch dev.

2017, WPC ANNTENA , NFC Product


2019, Copper paste mass production  start

2020, Copper paste launching

2021, World first  high thermal sink  metal pcb  mass production factory  for LED high bay Light

2022, Developing direct printing  thin line patterning (L/S 10 um)   for semiconductor FC-BGA

Company history: 인사
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