Image & Printing since  2000

2000, Establishment of Company

2001, PCI Motion control board dev.

2002, PCI Vision board  dev. And sale

2003, Vision Aligner

2004, PCB/FPD pattern inspectionS/W      

2005, Smart vision contoller sale, UVWT 4A Stage opertion S/W

2006, Industrial digital camera

2007, FPD Flying COG, FOG Bonder Align system

2008, COF AVI Inspection M/C sale

2009, SMT screen printer S/W

2010, Industrial inkjet printer dev.

2011, TSP flexible touch screen & pattern inpection,TSP용 bezel and pattern Inkjet printer         

2012, TSP Color bezel Turn-key line dev.

2013, Flexible touch screen Inkjet printer, Inkjet  Marking M/C

2014, Copper ink & silver ring ink Dev. start

2016, Amoled oncell flexible touch dev.

2017, WPC ANNTENA , NFC Product


2019, Copper ink mass production  start

2020, Copper ink launching